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Our Mission:

Car Service Made Better

No one likes taking their car to the shop.

It's complex, stressful, costly and takes up too much time for both car & shop owners.

This could be better...


Dipstic will make it better.

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Car Wash
Car Mechanics
Changing the Tire
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What is Dipstic?

Dipstic is a first of its kind platform that will take the complexity, friction and pain away from auto service.

Dipstic will enable car owners and car services to find each other, book and carry out services efficiently & seamlessly.

 Dipstic also enables social interaction between both sides outside of servicing transactions.


See what your friends and followed shops are up to! Which jobs they're doing & events they're attending.

Dipstic makes car service better. More engaging, transparent and simple than ever before.


Meet the Team


Behind Dipstic

We're backed by a phenomenal team of ever growing consultants and design partners who all are experts in the world of auto services, software and more. They have joined Dipstic to help us make car service better.


Soon, you will DIPSTIC your car services...

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